Police Probing Fatal Shooting Of Businessman At Dream Weekend Party

Police Probing Fatal Shooting Of Businessman At Dream Weekend Party

Police investigators say they are still probing the early morning fatal shooting of a patron at a Dream Weekend event at the Cayenne Beach in Negril, Westmoreland.

Jean Mathieu, a 37-year-old businessman of Millsborough Crescent, Kingston was shot dead by a security guard during a reported confrontation.

The police have not released the details of the incident.

However, it understood that Mathieu tried to take a female without the requisite armband into the VIP section of the Dream Life Party.

He was reportedly denied by a security guard and a confrontation ensued.

According to the security guard, during the altercation, Mathieu hit him several times then pulled a weapon and pointed it at him.

That's when the security guard reportedly pulled his licensed firearm and fired one shot hitting Mathieu in his chest.

Mathieu's weapon was then taken and he was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.u also lived in Montreal, Canada.

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