61-y-o J'can misses deportation after 50 years in UK

61-y-o J'can misses deportation after 50 years in UK

KINGSTON, Jamaica — A 61-year-old Jamaican woman who was under threat of deportation from the United Kingdom was this week released from an immigration removal centre.Paulette Wilson, who has lived in the UK for nearly 50 years, was forced to spend a week at the Yarl's Wood centre after receiving a letter in 2015 "out of the blue" saying she had "no right" to be in the country.According to media reports, Wilson was told she had to register each month and it was while reporting to immigration officials there on October 18 that she was detained.Her solicitor, James Wilson, said evidence had been supplied to the government that she had been in the country prior to 1973 as regulations state that anyone who settled in the UK by January 1, 1973 has the right to remain in the country.Wilson arrived in Telford in 1968 and was looked after by her grandparents when she first arrived in Britain.It was further reported that she has remained in the country; never visited Jamaica; has 34 years of National Insurance payments and is due to have an appointment with the Jamaican High Commission on Wednesday to arrange a passport.

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